Why is mercury solar power so cheap?

Posted by James MacKenzie on Friday, June 14, 2019 13:21:40A new technology, developed by a company called TerraPower, has been developed that could cut mercury emissions in a solar plant in the USA.

Mercury is an environmental pollutant and a major contributor to mercury poisoning in the UK.

Its presence in the air can cause heart problems and is the main cause of respiratory infections in the country.

TerraPower has developed a technology that can generate clean, renewable electricity at a fraction of the cost of conventional power plants, according to the company’s website.

Its the first time a new technology has been proven and used to produce clean, reliable power.

It is a milestone in the development of the renewable energy industry, said Paul Gurney, CEO of TerraPower.

“The price of solar power is dropping.

We need to make sure that we’re not using the cheapest technology available.

So we’re looking to the best technology that’s available,” he said.

The company has been in talks with the government about its technology.

It could be a boon for British power stations that are struggling to produce power because of the rise in mercury levels.

The government has said it will use the new technology to help reduce the UK’s mercury emissions.

It will also use it to help finance new renewable energy projects.

In an interview with the BBC, TerraPower’s chief executive, Paul Grew, said the technology would be available within three years.

“We are developing the technology and we are working on licensing,” he told the BBC.

“So it will be commercially available in the next few years.”

It will be cheaper to use the technology than the conventional power plant because the mercury will be captured and burned, he said, adding it could cut emissions for years to come.

He said the company had not applied for subsidies, but that it wanted the project to be commercially viable.

“This is an opportunity for our technology to be used in a commercially viable project, and to be able to support the local communities that are using it,” he added.

It will not generate power in the same way as conventional plants, but it will produce clean electricity at the cost and within a few hours of power going off, he explained.

Mr Grew said TerraPower was working with the British Energy Research and Development Agency (BERA) and the UK government to secure the technology.

“It will reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour of the energy we’re producing and the cost to generate the electricity,” he explained, adding that TerraPower would have to be self-sustaining to keep the project going.

He added that TerraPowers technology could be scaled up to power large industrial buildings.

“If you’ve got a large industrial building and you have the technology, and it’s got to be sustainable for the environment, then that’s a win-win for everybody,” he stressed.

“I think that it’s really going to change the world.”

“The future of power generation is renewable energy.”

TerraPower is working with BERA to develop a system that can capture and store mercury.

The system is being tested in one industrial building in Liverpool, the company said.

Development Is Supported By

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