How solar energy is being used in Illinois

Solar energy is currently being used to power more than a million homes in the state of Illinois.

The solar energy industry has been booming, with the installation of the largest solar power plants in the country, and is poised to become a $6 billion industry by 2025.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimates that by 2025, Illinois will generate more than $8.4 billion in solar energy from renewable sources.

And Illinois is poised for more growth.

Solar energy has become a major part of the Illinois economy, thanks to the state’s solar energy tax credits.

SEIA’s executive director and vice president, John W. McPhee, said that solar energy credits were the primary source of state tax revenue for Illinois until the tax credit program was repealed in 2016.

“When we took the tax credits away, we lost our ability to generate our own energy,” said McPheese.

“We were left with an economic engine that was very reliant on fossil fuels.”

The tax credit expired in 2016, and SEIA is continuing to encourage solar installations in Illinois, despite the repeal of the tax incentives.

In the first quarter of 2017, the state reported a record $7.4 million in solar installations.

However, SEIA estimates that Illinois could see an additional $5.9 billion in total solar installations by 2020, and that number could reach $11.9 million by 2025.

“It’s not clear what the end of the solar tax credits will look like for Illinois,” said E.D. Wright, SEI’s chief operating officer.

“That’s a question we need to be asking.

It’s going to depend on how much of the windfall tax credits are still available, and how much the tax breaks are renewed.”

Solar energy is also being used by many Illinoisans to offset their electric bills, and to build solar power in their homes.

Illinois residents have been buying solar panels, building solar power systems, and installing solar panels themselves.

Solar energy has also become a key part of Illinois’ transition to a green economy.

“In the years since the tax bill was passed, solar has become much more mainstream in the community,” said W.C. Johnson, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

“In addition to being more widely available, it’s also been cheaper, which is an important factor in the shift to a more energy-efficient economy.”

As solar energy has exploded in Illinois’ economy, the solar industry has grown rapidly.

Since 2010, Illinois has added more than 1,100 MW of solar capacity.

SEI estimates that there will be nearly 600 MW of new solar capacity added by 2021, representing more than 2% of the state.

The new solar facilities will include more than 50,000 residential solar panels and 5,600 commercial solar panels.

Solar power is also becoming more affordable.

The cost of solar energy systems in Illinois is projected to fall by about 5% over the next decade, and it’s expected to be more affordable than electricity from the coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants that are built in Illinois.

The future of Illinois’s solar industry is also on the rise, with solar power installations expected to rise by 25% from 2021 to 2025.

SEIU’s McPherson said that if the tax incentive program continues to be renewed, the potential for a solar boom in Illinois will only continue to grow.

“We believe that the tax benefits for Illinois have a positive long-term impact on the overall economy,” said McCafferty.

“And the tax break in Illinois could grow into a massive subsidy for Illinois.”

Sources: SEIA, The Next Week, The Daily Ticker, The Chicago Tribune, SEIU, Chicago Tribune article

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