Freedom Solar Energy Spray Gets $5,000 Reward

The Freedom Solar energy spray can be used to spray water, and in an experiment the researchers used it on the water to reduce the amount of algae on the surface.

The researchers have been testing the spray on algae growing on the seawater since March.

The spray was effective, but they wanted to see if it would work on a variety of seawater.

“We found that the spray was able to spray on the algae, but not the rocks and the topsoil,” said Dr. David J. Karp, the project scientist at the University of Georgia.

The results showed that the Spray would actually work best on rocks.

The spray had an even more pronounced effect on the top soil.

“You’re basically spraying down the top and the bottom,” Dr. Kip said.

The Spray has the potential to be more than just a simple water spray.

Dr. J.

Karp said the spray can act as a natural pesticide.

“We can spray something in a water column and the spray is effective for the algae and it doesn’t damage the soil, it doesn�t kill the plants,” he said.

It could also be used as a way to control weeds on your lawn, or in areas where there are no natural sources of food.

The Spray has also the potential for use in water systems where you have a lot of water, like the city of Atlanta.

In addition to the water, the Spray can also be applied directly to your body to treat waterborne infections.

“It has an incredibly long shelf life, which means it can be sprayed on things for many years,” Dr Karp said.

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