AUSTIN: Community solar companies have helped build a vibrant energy future

AUSTin, Texas — AUSTIn, Texas �s community solar companies are building on a decade of community efforts to create a sustainable future for Texas�s future energy economy, and they are helping to ensure that future remains an option for residents and businesses.

These companies�s leadership on community solar projects has helped foster a thriving energy economy that has been able to support more people and jobs.

The Texas Commission on Energy and Environment, a statewide agency, has identified 11 community solar providers that are serving nearly 400,000 customers in Austin and San Antonio.

The companies are also helping to provide opportunities for young people to start businesses, including helping to create businesses in Austin, Austin-Round Rock and the San Antonio area.

This year, the Austin-San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the City of Austin and the Austin Chamber of Government have partnered on a solar-powered business incubator.

This year, they�ve teamed up with Austin-based Austin-Safeway to create an Austin-sanctuaries-only community solar program.

This initiative will help connect companies and entrepreneurs to local residents and help them develop new business ideas, create jobs and expand their businesses.

The Austin Chamber has been an active supporter of the Austin community solar industry since its inception.

The Chamber is also an investor in local businesses and businesses in the Austin metro area.

The Austin Chamber is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for all Austinians and is dedicated to creating a more just and prosperous Austin.

Austin Chamber President and CEO Joe Kline said, �We�re excited to partner with these community solar businesses in creating jobs and growing the local economy.� Since the first community solar company was established in 2012, the company has helped build up and support the Austin area�s solar industry and local businesses.

The company has now been operating in the city for more than six years, providing energy and energy efficiency to over 1,200 customers, according to the Austin Business Journal.

The businesses are also a source of income for local families and businesses, as the energy generated from solar power provides a significant portion of their income.

As Austinians look to develop their own plans for energy, these companies have been working to help them meet that goal.

In 2013, a number of community solar solar companies launched their own energy-efficiency programs to assist in reducing their energy use.

The program provided the companies with free equipment and installation to install on their solar arrays, as well as solar-generated income.

These companies also helped connect customers to their local utility and offer solar financing.

To date, these programs have helped more than 150 households and businesses around the Austin region, including a total of $1.8 million in income from energy savings and solar revenue.

The community solar programs are a key part of the strategy to help local businesses grow and create jobs in the local area, according.

Austin-area businesses and residents are now able to save money on their energy bills by using community solar to provide energy-efficient homes and businesses with an alternative source of energy.

Community solar providers such as the Austin Solar Energy Association and the Texas Community Solar Alliance have been instrumental in helping to expand the Austin solar industry.

The groups has helped develop an infrastructure that has enabled local solar companies to attract a much larger customer base and is helping to attract additional solar energy projects.

More than a dozen companies have signed on to support the Texas solar energy industry.

These include Austin-American Solar, a community solar provider based in Austin; Austin-Southwest Energy, a Texas-based community solar utility; and Austin-Sunset, a solar provider focused on providing solar energy for Austin neighborhoods.

These companies have joined forces with local governments and energy agencies to support local businesses by investing in infrastructure and other services that are designed to support them in the future.

They have also helped provide jobs to local communities by providing financing to businesses, offering training and technical assistance, and providing grants to businesses to expand.

This is the second year in a row that Austin-Austin has partnered with Austin Solar to provide local energy to its customers.

In the past year, these organizations have invested in a new transmission line, an energy-saving energy-to-water plant, and a solar panel factory.

Last year, Austin Solar signed a $1 billion contract with Texas-Pacific Energy, an electric utility that serves the city of Austin.

This partnership was a first for Austin-Southern, which will also receive a solar energy grant from Texas Pacific.

The city will receive up to $3.4 million in solar grants over the next four years.

Austin Southern Energy also is providing grants for solar-related projects in the community.

In addition to the grants, the city will get grants for $2.5 million for a new community solar project in Austin�s downtown area.

In 2015, Austin City Council approved the City Council�s

Development Is Supported By

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