How to build your own solar power plant with a budget

Imperial Energy Solar, the solar energy company that has made headlines in recent weeks for being behind a court injunction against Tesla’s planned $1 billion solar farm in Australia, is back in the spotlight again after it was revealed that its founder, Rajan Raghavan, had set up a private company with an Australian subsidiary to build a solar plant on the same site where a solar farm was shut down by the government.

The company, Imperial Solar, is an Australian company and the company’s Australian head, Rajani, has been working as an adviser to Imperial Energy since 2014.

Rajan is a member of the Board of Directors of Imperial Energy and has previously served as an advisor to Imperial.

In a statement released by the company, Rajans company said it had set-up a company to build the solar farm, and would have the capacity to supply solar power to homes and businesses, but the government of Victoria shut down the plant in February 2019, due to the effects of climate change.

The statement said Rajan had asked the company to establish a subsidiary in India to do the project.

He said that it would be able to build solar power plants in India, and also “to supply energy to remote areas”.

The company is also selling its solar farm to an unnamed Australian company for $1.1 million, with a contract to install one megawatt of solar energy in the future.

Rajans statement on the announcement said that he had asked his Chinese investors to help him set up the company.

“I have also asked the Australian government to set up an arm of the company in India for the project,” he said.

“The solar project in Australia is under contract for 20 years and I hope to achieve my ambitious target of installing solar power capacity to 100,000 homes.”

He added that the company was planning to begin the project “soon”.

Imperial Energy has been in a legal battle with the Victorian Government over the closure of its solar plant in 2018, which had the effect of cutting off power to some parts of the state.

The Australian energy regulator, the Independent Power Operator, has since ordered the Victorian government to provide electricity to people who rely on the plant for their power.

It also imposed fines on the company for not meeting its obligations.

In September, Rajanian set up another solar farm at a site in Tasmania, but that solar farm also faced closure, after the state government had failed to comply with its obligations under the Climate Change Act.

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