Which states can make solar energy training affordable?

Some states are starting to make solar training available to residents.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is moving forward with a rulemaking that would make solar equipment training accessible to residents of certain states. 

Currently, solar energy is subject to state regulation and the Federal Energy Act does not allow the federal government to subsidize the installation of solar energy equipment.

The FERC is working with state officials to ensure that solar energy and solar energy trainings are available in states that have adopted renewable energy mandates. 

The FERC proposed the rulemaking on February 25, but it will take several months to finalize the rule. 

States that have been working to promote solar energy are excited by the prospect of solar training being available to their residents. 

“It’s an exciting time in the solar energy industry, especially in light of the recent regulations on energy storage,” said Jennifer Hauslaufer, a member of the Nevada solar energy group, NVSE, which has advocated for solar energy for years. 

Hauslausfer, who has helped organize solar energy conferences in Nevada, California and Washington, DC, said the FERC rulemaking will help bring more training opportunities to Nevada residents.

“We believe that it is in the best interest of our citizens and businesses to be able to participate in these state-sponsored solar energy programs, and this is just the start,” Hauslic said.

“For us, this is an opportunity to continue working with the Nevada government to make the solar training program a reality,” she added. 

As part of its rulemaking, the FERC will require solar training to be available at all solar energy facilities, whether or not a state requires it. 

A few states, including Vermont and California, have already implemented some form of solar-based training program. 

Vermont passed a solar training law in 2017, and the state has made it easier for people to obtain solar training in the past. 

California has a program that offers solar training at all of its solar energy projects. 

In Washington, D.C., solar training has been offered at all four of the city’s solar power facilities since 2013. 

Solar training is now offered at the Nevada National Guard Armory, the Solar Energy Training Center at the Pentagon and the Solar Training Facility at the Naval Academy. 

This article was written by Katie M. Krasner for The Hill.

Follow her on Twitter at @katiekrasner.

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