Solar energy researchers gather in Berlin

The European Union (EU) is working with India to accelerate the development of solar energy.

The European Commission has allocated €1 billion (1.8 billion euros) for solar research in the past two years, with the aim of “reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and boosting our competitiveness” and the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology, IITs Solar Energy Institute and IIT Delhi will work together on this issue.

In the past five years, the two have coordinated on solar research with the cooperation of India’s National Solar Thermal Centre (NSTC), the solar energy company SolarWorld and the Solar Industry Association of India (SIA).

The two sides have also established a research center in India, which will focus on solar energy development and deployment.

India has set up a new Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECIL) in Delhi.

India also has plans to create a new Research Centre for Advanced Energy Systems (RCAS), which will concentrate on research on advanced energy systems.

India and Europe are committed to the joint development of renewable energy technologies in the next five years.

Solar energy research is expected to lead to a more resilient and cost-effective grid, with a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This will enable the establishment of a more affordable and sustainable energy system.

It will also contribute to the creation of a cleaner environment and ensure a cleaner society.

Development Is Supported By

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