What you need to know about the solar energy industry

A new report says solar power is a major driver of job growth in the U.S. solar industry.

The U.K. has the largest installed solar power capacity with over 2,000 megawatts of capacity.

Germany has about 8,000 MW, and Spain has over 7,000MW.

In China, the country with the world’s largest installed capacity, solar power accounts for less than 1% of the total.

The report, Solar Energy Business Outlook 2017, was compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Solar Foundation.

The report says that solar power installations grew in each of the last three years.

In 2016, solar energy accounted for 7.4% of U.N. climate change goals.

In 2020, it accounted for 11.5%.

In 2030, it grew to 11.7%.

In the year 2020, solar added 2.4 million jobs, while in 2030 it added 4.2 million.

In 2050, it added 2 million jobs.

And by 2040, the report projects, it will add 4.9 million jobs in the United States.

In the U, the Solar Industry Association reported that there are currently around 4.4 gigawatts of installed capacity in the country.

That’s about 3.2% of all solar capacity in operation in the nation.

Solar power accounts, in large part, for the growth in U.R.E. employment, the authors said.

“We think that solar is the fastest growing source of job creation, with the potential to drive further job growth across the Us solar industry,” said Chris Breen, senior vice president of energy, innovation and competitiveness at Bloomberg New Capital.

The authors of the report argue that there is an oversupply of solar capacity.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are about 7.2 gigawatts installed in the solar sector.

That is more than all of the U

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