Which are the five solar energy technologies that are currently making headlines?

Google NewsIndia source GoogleNewsIndia title 5 new solar energy companies hit headlines this week article GoogleNews India title 5 major solar energy developments hit headlines last week article India’s largest state-owned utility is expanding its solar energy program with the launch of a solid energy battery technology.

The State Grid Corporation of India (SGIC), the nation’s third largest energy provider, said the company will install a new 2MW solid energy module at the Sunaya Solar Power Park, located in Nagpur.

SGIC’s solid energy power module is a new form of solid energy storage that can be installed on top of existing power grid infrastructure, such as solar PV panels.

The new solid energy cell will be capable of storing solar energy for up to 10 years, SGIC said in a statement.

The firm added that the technology will be used for both grid maintenance and solar power generation.

Solar energy storage is an emerging technology that can store energy from sunlight or solar panels and store it to a special energy storage device for future use.

SGEC said the solid energy is the first of its kind in the country.

SGERC plans to install more than 200 such modules, or modules with storage capacity of 10 megawatts, at Sunaya.

The company said that the modules will also be used in other projects.

“The solid energy technology is the most cost effective technology for the grid maintenance sector,” SGIC chairman Virendra Srivastava told PTI.SGIC is also the country’s largest energy utility.

Development Is Supported By

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