Why solar power is surging in Africa

Solar power is booming in Africa, and it’s making Africa’s energy infrastructure even more efficient.

The country’s grid has seen a 10 percent growth in the past two years, according to the World Bank.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says solar power installed capacity in Africa rose by over 20 percent in 2015.

The continent’s solar industry, which accounts for around 40 percent of the continent’s electricity, is booming.

According to the U.N., Africa’s solar sector is estimated to generate $1.8 trillion in annual gross value added in 2020, with Africa’s total installed capacity at over 400 gigawatts.

Africa is currently the second largest solar market in the world, but is growing rapidly.

According the Solar Energy Industries Association, the region is expected to see its installed capacity grow by about 8 percent by 2030.

And with more solar power now coming online, African countries are seeing the benefits of solar energy as well.

“In the last decade, there has been an explosion in solar projects,” said Paul Mwaiwe, CEO of Solar Energy Africa, in an interview with Bloomberg.

“We are seeing a surge in projects as countries around the world realize that this is a promising investment and a clean energy technology.

We are seeing huge opportunities to invest in solar energy in Africa and to help address the challenges of energy transition in Africa.”

While Africa’s economy is largely dependent on fossil fuels, the solar energy sector is now able to diversify the energy supply.

Solar power can be used for electricity, heat, or heat pumps.

The power can also be converted into other uses such as powering buildings or generating electricity for homes.

Africa’s Solar Energy Association has even seen the benefits in countries where solar power has been installed.

In Ghana, for instance, a solar panel company, SunPower, installed solar panels on homes.

“Solar energy is very affordable, so people are willing to invest, and there is also an economic benefit to that investment,” Mwauwe said.

Solar is a great way to transition the energy system to sustainable energy.

It is also a great opportunity for solar energy to reach rural and remote areas.

In fact, Africa could be a major market for solar power.

“I think we could see a lot of countries, especially in Africa where solar has been relatively less developed, where solar could become a much bigger player in the energy market,” Mpumalanga, a local electricity expert, told Bloomberg.

Mpamali said solar power was one of the fastest growing energy sources in Africa.

The solar energy industry is growing in the continent.

Solar has been able to generate millions of dollars in revenue in Ghana, and is now expanding in countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Senegal, and Zimbabwe.

And solar power can provide more electricity than coal-fired power plants, which rely on expensive and polluting coal.

In addition, the growth of solar power in Africa is making energy security a top priority.

“The energy security of Africa is a key objective for Africa, which has been a leader in climate change,” Mdibisa, a spokesman for the Solar Power Development Council in Tanzania, told Reuters.

“As Africa grows, its solar energy will become the dominant energy source, displacing fossil fuels.”

In countries like Kenya and Uganda, the government has started building solar power plants.

But the energy revolution in Africa’s Africa has been slow, and has not yet reached all African cities.

“It is a little bit more complicated to get the energy transformation happening in Africa,” Mbabeni, the head of the Kenya Electricity Authority, told the Associated Press.

“You need to be more connected and a lot more connected.”

Development Is Supported By

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