Why solar energy is good for the environment

Solar energy is great for the planet and good for your wallet.

But it’s not good for everyone’s pocketbook, according to the solar energy industry.

The solar energy movement, which has grown exponentially over the past decade, has taken on a new urgency as the United States and Europe push to build a new generation of affordable solar panels that can replace fossil fuels.

The solar energy boom has given the industry a new rallying cry to push for policies to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy.

Solar energy is a growing industry, and in the U.S. alone, the market is expected to reach $2.5 trillion in 2020.

But the solar industry is facing a new threat from the Trump administration.

On Wednesday, the Trump Administration announced a rule that would make it easier for the federal government to deny tax credits and incentives to new solar energy projects.

The White House announced that the rule, which the Department of Energy is drafting, will make it a crime to build or own a solar panel without a federal permit.

The proposed rule would also require a new rule to make it harder for companies to claim tax credits or incentives for new solar projects if they do not meet certain environmental and energy efficiency standards.

The rule is a setback for solar energy companies and investors, who have spent billions of dollars lobbying to have the rule rescinded.

Solar industry leaders said the proposed rule was a blow to their business and a threat to their economic security.

The U.K.-based Solar Trade Association said the rule would make solar energy a much less attractive investment for American consumers.

“We will be very disappointed by this rule,” said Solar Trade President and CEO Chris Faucher.

“It will be an incredibly damaging blow to the U:S.

solar energy sector.”

Solar industry groups are also planning protests to highlight the rule and other measures the Trump White House is taking against solar energy.

“It is a total victory for the Trump agenda and the Republican Party.

It’s an attack on our ability to innovate and innovate and compete with the rest of the energy industry,” said Michael Cramer, CEO of the National Solar Association.

Cramer said the new rule is an attempt to dismantle solar panels as an energy source and it’s also a political attack on solar.

“They are trying to undermine solar and they are trying an attack at the federal level,” Cramer said.

“This rule will actually make it more difficult for solar to compete with fossil fuels and against other sources of clean energy.”

Solar energy has also become a political lightning rod in the United Kingdom.

Last year, Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May used the issue of solar energy to push through a carbon tax that would have cost the British taxpayer $3.5 billion.

The British government has since reversed its policy and said the policy was an example of the government trying to tackle climate change.

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