The biggest solar power company in Brazil, Amortización energia, was hit by a massive hack

Amortiza is the largest solar power provider in Brazil and the country’s second largest company, with around 400 megawatts of installed solar power.

Amortiza was hacked by a group calling itself “Guerrilla Solar” who took advantage of the power outage in the state of Rio de Janeiro to steal all the company’s data and install malware.

The group also leaked data about Amortizza’s finances, its contracts with state-run utilities, and its internal communications.

Amorosa was the second-largest energy provider in the country and it is the only company that operates in the Brazilian state of Para, the third largest in the world.

It is also the second largest energy producer in Brazil.

The company’s contract with state utilities, which includes the transmission of electricity, is part of the largest contract in the nation.

Amorts solar energy business is a joint venture with Amortization de Amortes de Brazil, which is also a state-owned utility.

The two companies are not legally linked but have an established relationship, according to the company.

The contract is not set to expire until 2021.

Amormos Energy, a subsidiary of Amortia, is the company that owns Amortezación, according, and the two companies have a joint investment.

The subsidiary is based in the capital of Rio, in the city of São Paulo.

According to Amortos corporate website, Amorts solar power business is profitable, and Amortizers solar power project is generating revenue of nearly $300 million annually.

In addition to the Brazilian government, Amors solar power is also supported by the European Union, the United States, and a number of other countries.

Amors energy is not the only energy provider affected by the blackout.

Brazil’s National Electricity Authority has been shut down and Amors electricity is still not working.

Amortize is the main distributor of the energy, but it is also receiving power from the state-controlled gas company.

In the wake of the blackout, Amorosa has been trying to sell off its assets.

Amoros parent company, Amore S.A., is also being investigated by the Brazilian Energy Commission for possible corruption, according the company website.

In response to the blackout and Amormos, Amores founder, Alexandre Cesar, told Reuters, “We have been working with Amores parent company and amortize for the last six months on an agreement to sell Amortized assets.

We have no other options.”

Amortizados bankruptcy is currently scheduled for March 10, 2019.

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