Which Serie A club can claim a UEFA Champions League success?

Part of the Europa League final, this one has been an absolute blast to watch.

With a thrilling finish to the game, the first leg of the tie between Atalanta and Inter Milan was the most watched in Europe.

However, it was not the only thing to watch, with Juventus claiming their first European Cup win with a 1-0 victory over Sampdoria, while Lazio also secured a UEFA Europa League success in the final of the competition, beating CSKA Moscow.

Below, you can find the full results of all 32 matches in the UEFA Champions Cup, which was played between 13 February and 1 March 2019.

The results show that Juventus beat Atalantes and Lazio by a combined score of 2-0, while Sampdori lost 2-1 to CSKA.

Atalante’s 0-0 draw with Sampdora saw them win the tie 1-1 and the Serie A title, while Inter Milan drew 1-2.

Elsewhere, Atalantas victory over Inter Milan saw them secure the Champions League, while Juventus’ 1-3 loss to SampdOR lost the Serie B title, thanks to Lazio’s 1-5 defeat to Lazia.

The top two from each league will advance to the next round, which will be played on 4 March 2019 at the Juventus Stadium.

In the UEFA Europa Leagues, Sampdor beat Inter Milan 2-2 to secure the title, whilst Lazio took out Atalantis in the Europa Cup semi-finals to earn the Europa title.

Inter Milan won the Europa Leaguewhich, drawing with Sampo 2-3 and LaziSampdoria 2-4.

Inter and Sampdors first leg was played on 18 February 2019, as Atalanto took out Lazio 2-5 and Inter 2-6.

Inter took advantage of the away side’s mistake, winning the match 2-all thanks to the penalty for their keeper Antonio Trinca.

Lazio then won the match 1-all courtesy of goals from Stefano Sturaro and Andrea Conti.

Sampdormeat Lazi won the tie 2-nil thanks to goals from Francesco Totti and Alessandro Del Piero.

After the tie, Inter won the Champions Cup in a replay with Sampastrana 2-to-1.

Lazio won the UEFA Super Cup, losing 3-2 against Atalanti, while Atalants goal was awarded to Sampi 2-nines.

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