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About Us

About  Ecomate


Solar is the future, the power. Eco Mate is the company dealing with ISO/IEC certified channel partners and products. Formed in years back we have vast experience in dealing with top quality solar products and its installation. Our channel partner MOS SYSTEMS and CONTROLS are winner of Consumer Protection Award and we, Eco Mate Energy Solutions are one of the top rated ANERT empanel agents under solar subsidy scheme and MNRE channel partner.

Our Vision

Unlimited source of sustainable energy that is solar energy for you. But unfortunately, even at this point of time solar is still an underutilized energy resource. We Eco Mate Energy Solution have vision to bring quality solar equipment to our customers.

our Mission

Solar is cheap compared to other conventional energy resources. WE have a mission to bring solar energy to each every corner of the globe and thus help in reducing over usage of conventional energy resources.



High Quality
Affordable Cost