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We are the saviours of planet Earth

All our conventional energy sources are about to expire, moreover these conventional energy sources have great amount of pollution quotient compared to non-conventional renewable energy sources. In that way we are on mission to save earth and increase the use of more efficient and renewable energy source like Solar.


Our Coverage is

the Best In the Industry

EcoMate is committed to delivering quality solar power products and solar services with a mission to take solar power to new heights. We have been in the industry for decades and have outstanding track record in the domain, we have strong capacity for supply, Installation operation and maintenance of Solar Power Plants in any scale. We can provide solar products and its installations anywhere in Kerala.


Low Cost of Energy

Solar is cheap compared to other energy resources. We have only initial installation cost, that’s what making it good choice.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

We only deal with ISO certified solar products and equipment. Our channels partners also have won several awards for best in the domain.

Eco system

Solar products are eco-friendly. It doesn’t emit any hazardous gases or causes any other kind of pollutions nor causes any allergic disorders.


Why Ecomate Solar?

We are the top trusted solar products suppliers and solar plant setting up team in Kerala. We have gained trust over the years with tremendous quality of the products and services we are offering to the customers. Ecomate has been selected among the empanel agents for ANERT and all our products are MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy – Govt. of India) approved with IEC/TUV certification. Ecomate has special emphasis on delivering projects on time and we work truly and within budget. We are a team with quality, transparency and trust are our core values which helped as building fruitful relationship with our customers.

Let’s See if Going Solar Is Right for you

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